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English-Hindi > fabian socialism

fabian socialism meaning in Hindi

fabian socialism sentence in Hindi

फेबियन समाजवाद
fabian    फैबियन
socialism    समाजतंत्र समाजवाद
1.Ideologies such as Marxism and Fabian socialism gained currency.

2.She was also attracted to various forms of political radicalism, applauding the Fabian socialism.

3.Fabian Socialism, the ideology of the Fabian Society which originated in 1884 and launched the revolutionary action.

4.While in England she was also influenced by Leo Tolstoi and by George Bernard Shaw and Fabian Socialism.

5.Going out without a hat, and an interest in Fabian socialism, were perhaps unconventional enough for him.

6.His political opinions at this stage were an eclectic mix of moderate Conservatism, moderate Liberalism and Fabian Socialism.

7.During that time, particularly during his long stretch as chairman after 1907, Edwin Cannan shepherded the LSE away from its roots in Fabian socialism into tentative Marshallianism.

8.Henry's background with Fabian socialism, as well as her knowledge of Australian labour legislation and woman suffrage attracted the attention of Margaret Dreier Robins, a prominent reformer of the time.

9.For instance Fabio or, in English, Fabian refers to a Roman consul who used stealthy tactics, and Fabian Socialism was an English socialist movement, to which George Bernard Shaw belonged, which advocated stealthy democratic change.

10.Abraham was a major �minence grise of Cuban history and is most commonly known as Fabio Grobart, Fabio being a reference to the Roman Consul and guerrilla tactician Quintus Fabius Maximus Verrucosus called " Cunctator ( the delayer ) ", and thus to Fabian socialism.

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