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fabled sentence in Hindi

"fabled" meaning in Hindifabled in a sentence
  • Why doesn't Ralph Lauren buy the fabled jewel himself?
  • Tourists will swipe anything, even bricks, especially fabled bricks.
  • Unlike the fabled Flexible Flyer, the skeleton has no steering.
  • To play against the fabled Americans was an honor and privilege.
  • Sure, fabled North Carolina is a tough way to begin.
  • It seems to have become a fabled face in Southern California.
  • And Cuba was a fabled spot for Americans like Ernest Hemingway.
  • But for our own time, which decade is most fabled?
  • "This customer isn't that fabled big woman.
  • If only some quotable gem would dribble from those fabled lips.
  • Thankfully, urban sprawl has not consumed the fabled Eastern Shore.
  • The fabled parachute jump is in foul territory beyond right field.
  • At twilight, Harlem's fabled street life bursts forth.
  • Nobody wants to see that fabled streak end on his watch.
  • Sometimes the best thing about New Yorkers is their fabled provincialism.
  • But similarities to Harry Potter's fabled witchcraft academy abound.
  • The show will commemorate the fabled summer's 30th anniversary.
  • Still, the fabled unity of Mitsubishi has begun to fray.
  • Munakata was known for the fabled speediness in which he worked,
  • Iraqi authorities have promised a fierce fight for the fabled capital.
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