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English-Hindi > fabliau

fabliau meaning in Hindi

fabliau sentence in Hindi
1.Additionally, the medieval church also found use for the fabliau form.

2.Chaucer borrowed from the same fabliau as Boccaccio did.

3.The Merchant's Tale is like a Fabliau.

4.This tale ( and the next one ) comes from a 13th-century French fabliau by Eustache d'Amiens.

5.Related to the fable was the more bawdy " fabliau ", which covered topics such as cuckolding and corrupt clergy.

6.Famous French writers such as Moli�re, Jean de La Fontaine, and Voltaire owe much to the tradition of the fabliau.

7.A comparable " trope " that Diderot must have known is found in the ribald " fabliau ".

8.Jonassen begins by positing that the Pardoner's encounter with Kitt is a fabliau which closely models the Miller's Tale.

9.He explored and established every major Chaucerian genre, except such as were manifestly unsuited to his profession, like the " fabliau ".

10.It is in the form of a fabliau and tells the story of a miserly merchant, his avaricious wife and her lover, a wily monk.

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