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English-Hindi > fabulation

fabulation meaning in Hindi

fabulation sentence in Hindi
1.The variety of fabulation he attributes to the novel is allegory.

2.He is generally considered a writer of fabulation and metafiction.

3.And then, there it is : Oily Rocks, a Stalinist fabulation of broken-down oil platforms and causeways that stretch past the horizon.

4.He began with a flourish in 1984 with the publication of an exuberant fabulation, " Confessions of a Taoist on Wall Street ."

5."The Plato Papers " is a serious divertissement, a brilliant fabulation that is the product of a playful, engaged, and well-stocked mind.

6.Shetty appropriates the notion of tradition and pairs it with recurrent themes in his practice-that of artifice or fabulation, to create five-part installation to the act of mourning.

7.A work of Fabulation, in which the Scientist James Clerk Maxwell ( 1831-1879 ) is offered a Faustian challenge by a literal demon, its selection was attended by a spat among critics as to whether it could be called sf at all.

8.The dramaturg for the Center Stage production, Faedra Chatard Carpenter ( Assistant Professor, University of Maryland, College Park ) noted : " . . . it not only becomes clear that Lynn Nottage is one of the modern masters of fabulation, but that her Undine story is paradigmatic of the form.

9.Here he adds " the Fabulation, or absurdist metafiction stories which are set in the real world, but which distort that world in ways other than the supernaturally horrific . " He names Thomas Pynchon, Angela Carter, John Crowley, and Geoff Ryman as authors of fabulations included in his hundred.

10.Primary source and pure fabulation . " is false : I do not try to validate this article by claiming that it is OK because it has been translated into English, because it is evident that the translation occurred much later ( in addition, I did not do the translation, as my English is poor ).

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