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English-Hindi > facetiousness

facetiousness meaning in Hindi

facetiousness sentence in Hindi
1.Facetiousness was even encouraged by the most unlikely source of all.

2.The kid is all fire-red hair, freckles and facetiousness.

3.Wurtzel's facetiousness was matched by a real sense of vindication.

4.I'm not sure whether he understands the difference between comedy and facetiousness.

5.The facetiousness can't mask the affection.

6.No public flogging or facetiousness was intended.

7."I really enjoy ensemble work, " she says, without a hint of facetiousness.

8."The next 15 minutes will be devoted to facetiousness and levity, " the coach said.

9.It is violent, gory, sexist and exploitative in ways that, for all its facetiousness, are real.

10.But the little honest poignance " Remains " earns cannot offset the film's overwhelming, sometimes unintentional facetiousness.

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