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English-Hindi > facially

facially meaning in Hindi

facially sentence in Hindi
1.Were facially neutral explanations sufficient without more, Batson would be meaningless.

2.The redundancy argument, it must be said, is facially plausible.

3.If the form is " facially sufficient,"

4.Terribly facially disfigured by a bomb explosion on Cyprus 1958.

5.There is no doubt that the intangibles tax facially discriminates against interstate commerce.

6.I find that approach to be facially constitutional.

7.Facially there are some resemblances between the two.

8.And I believe I appear more attractive when ( facially ) shaven than not.

9.Facially, she's as fresh and outdoorsy as a J . Crew model.

10.This is a movie of long silences, with much of the acting done facially.

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