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facilitation sentence in Hindi

"facilitation" meaning in Hindifacilitation in a sentence
  • Ms . Abramowitz was also indicted on charges including criminal facilitation.
  • Governments were latecomers to the facilitation of trade financed by factors.
  • An " Interim Steward " would provide ongoing facilitation and leadership.
  • A facilitation is the use of a motor-driven mower.
  • In 1924, Floyd Allport, coined the term social facilitation.
  • Social facilitation's definition and explanations are not without controversy.
  • One of the greatest controversies surrounding social facilitation is its origination.
  • Another mechanism of facilitation is a reduced risk of being eaten.
  • Preparation, hosting and facilitation of the meetings rotates between members.
  • This regional trade facilitation work is financially supported by New Zealand.
  • EBRD approved US $ 10 million line under trade facilitation program.
  • Therefore, ITAMs are involved in the facilitation of signal transduction.
  • They observed that social facilitation effects were connected to this distraction.
  • Social facilitation is sometimes used to develop successful social scavenging strategies.
  • Flow is designed to be a " workflow facilitation system ".
  • Maximum facilitation encompasses an effective system beyond a single window anchor.
  • Joyce Mitchell pled guilty to promoting prison contraband and criminal facilitation.
  • Facilitation payments are banned under article 280 of the Criminal Code.
  • But a facilitation of a dialogue between India and Pakistan is possible.
  • These exchanges play two valuable roles : aggregation and facilitation.
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