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English-Hindi > facsimile equipment

facsimile equipment meaning in Hindi

facsimile equipment sentence in Hindi

• प्रतिकृति उपस्कर
facsimile    प्रतिलिपि
equipment    उपस्कर उपस्कार
1.High-speed newspaper-page-facsimile equipment and Chinese character-code translation equipment were used on a large scale.

2.Dacom, Inc . succeeded not only in developing breakthrough technology but successfully marketed high-end facsimile equipment in the 1970s for general business and special niche markets, including government agencies, military communications, and remote newspaper publishing.

3.By " effective recorded spot dimension " is meant the largest center-to-center spacing between recorded spots, which gives minimum peak-to-peak variation of density of the recorded line . " X-dimension of recorded spot " implies that the facsimile equipment response to a constant density in the object ( original ) is a succession of discrete recorded spots.

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