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facom meaning in Hindi

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• कलातुल
• फेकॉम
1.In 1954, Fujitsu manufactured Japan's first computer, the FACOM 100, and in 1961 launched the transistorized FACOM 222.

2.In 1954, Fujitsu manufactured Japan's first computer, the FACOM 100, and in 1961 launched the transistorized FACOM 222.

3.The Fujitsu "'FACOM VP "'is a series of Amdahl marketed the systems in the US and Siemens in Europe.

4.The company yesterday announced chief executive Didier Pineau-Valencienne would stay on until the end of his term in 1999 . French press reports had earlier hinted that Henri Lachmann, Strafor Facom SA's chief executive, would succeed Pineau-Valencienne.

5."' World Traveller Adventures "'is a collection of four travellers-Spiral Tribe, Desert Storm, Sound Conspiracy ( Facom, Okupe and Total Resistance ), Teknokrates, Tomahawk and IOT . Including " 23 Minute Warning ", " Storming Sarajevo ", " Mission to India ", " Africa Expedisound ", and bonus : " Reclaim the Streets ".

6.There were several attempts by Japanese manufacturers to enter the Lisp machine market : the Fujitsu Facom-alpha mainframe co-processor, NTT's Elis, Toshiba's AI processor ( AIP ) and NEC's LIME . Several university research efforts produced working prototypes, among them are Kobe University's TAKITAC-7, RIKEN's FLATS, and Osaka University's EVLIS.

7.While IBM was a chief proponent of the ASCII standardization committee, the company did not have time to prepare ASCII peripherals ( such as card punch machines ) to ship with its System / 360 computers, so the company settled on EBCDIC . The System / 360 became wildly successful, together with clones such as RCA Spectra 70, ICL System 4, and Fujitsu FACOM, thus so did EBCDIC.

8.In addition to the " quantum " computers on the vehicles, three separate control systems were tested; Hitachi built a system for control at high speed on the outer loop based on a HIDIC-350 computer, allowing speeds up to 60 km / h, Toshiba provided a system based on the TOSBAC-40 that ran the lower-speed network area at speeds under 40 km / h, and Fujitsu added a third system based on the FACOM 230-35 that supervised the other two and switched traffic between them.

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