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facsimile sentence in Hindi

"facsimile" meaning in Hindi  
  • For years, delicatessens in Manhattan have taken orders by facsimile.
  • The warrant or certified copy may be produced by facsimile transmission.
  • The Suns have a reasonable facsimile of Majerle in Michael Finley.
  • Consumer electronics goods including telephones, answering machines and facsimile machines.
  • Does anyone have a recipe that might be a reasonable facsimile?
  • Not quite a real back door, but a reasonable facsimile.
  • I stammered, as if that conferred prestige on the facsimile.
  • Just don't do it to print facsimiles of currency.
  • Now, they head home, or to a reasonable facsimile.
  • To talk about facsimiles of entertainment doesn't make sense.
  • The lettering on the bottle is a facsimile of his handwriting.
  • The lettering of her name is a facsimile of her signature.
  • The facsimile ( machine ) is never used on presidential orders,
  • A facsimile of the letter was not sent to the media.
  • Still, analysts don't see paper facsimiles becoming extinct.
  • The background shows a facsimile of the German " Patentschrift ".
  • In 1927, a facsimile edition of the Codex was published.
  • A facsimile of Ringk's manuscript was published in 2000.
  • Ni-Ju-Ichi is Enviroknot or an unreasonable facsimile.
  • Use of seal or facsimile without authorization prohibited Violation as misdemeanor.
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