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facticity sentence in Hindi

"facticity" meaning in Hindi
  • People like Josephus wrote propaganda of varying facticity for particular individuals.
  • Facticity is both a limitation and a condition of freedom.
  • The Look is then co-constitutive of one's facticity.
  • It is simply there, as self-evident and compelling facticity ".
  • The fact is ( conventional historicists are into facticity ) that Destler coined a useful word.
  • The ambiguity is that each of us is both subject and object, freedom and facticity.
  • In 1969 he published his Second Book with the university entitled " Speculation and Facticity.
  • Facticity plays a key part in Quentin Meillassoux's philosophical project to challenge the thought-world relationship of correlationism.
  • One may turn away from a mood but that is only to another mood; it is part of our facticity.
  • A theological approach which depends entirely on historical facticity ignores the fact that the emphasis of the OT is on this relationship.
  • People like the anonymous author of Luke wrote texts that claim facticity, but fail central elements of modern understandings of history.
  • The latter cannot be seen or touched, but they are external and coercive, and as such, they become real, gain " facticity ".
  • Her works introduced physical manipulation of the filmstrip that inscribed an explicitly female craft tradition into her films while also playing with the facticity of photographed images.
  • Book 3 describes Lightness or Laghima as being one of the eight siddhis, or eight perfections : the capacity to offset the force of one's facticity.
  • Earthscore defines secondness as the " facticity ", or " thisness ", of something, as it exists, here and now, without rhyme or reason.
  • In other words, the origin of one's projection must still be one's facticity, though in the mode of not being it ( essentially ).
  • Although external circumstances may limit individuals ( this limitation from the outside is called facticity ), they cannot force a person to follow one of the remaining courses over another.
  • The Neo-Kantians contrasted facticity with ideality, as does J�rgen Habermas in " Between Facts and Norms " ( " Faktizit�t und Geltung " ).
  • Looking at five separate " elements " of objectivity detachment, nonpartisanship, inverted pyramid writing, facticity, and balance Mindich pinpointed specific historical moments when newswriting advanced toward its present form.
  • :: Dasein's facticity is such that its Being-in-the-world has always dispersed itself or even split itself up into definite ways of Being-in.
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