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English-Hindi > factitious

factitious meaning in Hindi

factitious sentence in Hindi
1.Factitious illness patients generally inspire cold fury in doctors and nurses.

2.In his final conclusions regarding Factitious Disorder, Ryder states that:

3.The medical profession has known about factitious disorders for hundreds of years.

4.Originally, this term was used for all factitious disorders.

5.His first paper, " Factitious Airs ", appeared in 1766.

6.What you supplied has been systematically shown to be factitious.

7.Melanosis coli is a frequent find in long-standing factitious diarrhea.

8.Patients with factitious illness span a spectrum of prevarication.

9.Factitious cheilitis is significantly more common in young females.

10.Factitious disorders are believed to be rare.

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not produced by natural forces; "brokers created a factitious demand for stocks"

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