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English-Hindi > factoid

factoid meaning in Hindi

factoid sentence in Hindi
• लघु समाचार
• फ़ैक्टॉइड
• छपी बात जो सच लगे
• असत्यापित सूचना
1.Why do stories exposing factoids usually appear only in conservative publications?

2.Next, a video segment demonstrates that wince-inducing factoid.

3.Factoid : Nana and Izumo had attended the same middle school.

4.Factoid : There are 2 versions of the 12V Hand controller.

5.A Butch Cassidy factoid definitely makes the Catwalk more interesting.

6.A delicious factoid, the key to an elementary deduction.

7.With INAUG-FACTOIDS . For release Saturday, Jan . 11.

8.Interesting factoid : Faith Hill is married to country singer Tim McGraw.

9.That, at least, is a factoid you keep hearing there.

10.What's your favorite " Mean Genes " factoid?

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