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English-Hindi > fagged

fagged meaning in Hindi

fagged sentence in Hindi
1.Add that to no more vending machines or sporting events promotions, and you'd think the cig industry is fagged out.

2.Mellish attended fagged for William Gladstone, participated in the Debating Society and was a " wet bob ", a sculler on the river.

3.He was fagged out in the chair as usual, in his old gray flannels, smoking, never taking his eyes off the set . " Captain Video " was on, some underwater band of thieves fighting.

4.He was the vainest being I don't limit myself to man that ever existed; and I don't forget Cicero and Reynolds; a more verbose, indefinite, unwieldy affair, without a happy expression, never issued from the pen of a fagged subordinate of the daily press.

5.Once and for all, it answers any questions about their ability as rock'n'rollers . " In a year-end list for " Newsday ", Christgau named it the year's best album and wrote that " this fagged-out masterpiece " was the peak of rock music in 1972 as it " explored new depths of record-studio murk, burying Mick's voice under layers of cynicism, angst and ennui ".

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