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English-Hindi > fahrenheit temperature scale

fahrenheit temperature scale meaning in Hindi

fahrenheit temperature scale sentence in Hindi

• फोरनहाइट ताप पैमाना
fahrenheit    फ़ारेनहाइट
temperature    हालत टेम्परेचर
temperature scale    तापक्रम
scale    पलड़ा पपड़ी कोंपल
1.This repeatable cooling reaction was used to calibrate the Fahrenheit temperature scale.

2.Q : Do most countries use the Celsius or Fahrenheit temperature scale, and is there an easy formula to transcribe one to the other?

3.It is held that was initially set as the zero point in the Fahrenheit temperature scale, as it was the coldest possible temperature that Daniel G . Fahrenheit could reliably reproduce by freezing brine.

4.The Fahrenheit temperature scale was designed such that 0F was the coldest temperature that could be obtained in a laboratory at the time-using salt and water ( 100F was thought to be human body temperature at the time ).

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