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English-Hindi > faience

faience meaning in Hindi

faience sentence in Hindi
1.Grave goods include faience beads, cattle skulls, and pottery.

2.Porcelain, reduced the demand for Delftware, faience and majolica.

3.Francois had worked in faience factories in Rouen from 1648 to 1653.

4.But the museum's heaviest concentration is on faience and porcelain.

5.Many walls feature faiences-- pottery plaques painted in bright hues.

6.A few examples of vessels in faience and ivory are also known.

7.Earlier tea caddies were made of either porcelain or faience.

8.These wares were made with a grey faience that imitated Korean wares.

9.The faience was produced by Gibbs and Canning of Tamworth.

10.Scarabs were generally either carved from stone or moulded from Egyptian faience.

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glazed earthenware decorated with opaque colors

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