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English-Hindi > faulkner

faulkner meaning in Hindi

faulkner sentence in Hindi
• फ़ॉक्नर
1.Ironically, great designs are simple to create, Faulkner said.

2.Trumpeting the presence of a previously unpublished story by William Faulkner,

3."I've met Mr . Faulkner,"

4.So much for a Day in the Life of William Faulkner.

5.Samuel Faulkner ( Grant ) is a San Francisco child psychologist.

6.Faulkner died at Jefferson University Hospital an hour after the shooting.

7.Faulkner said the tracing data is not meant to be analyzed.

8.Steps in Shannon Faulkner's quest to attend The Citadel:

9.Many hope Faulkner's stay will be short-lived.

10.Keep the faith Ms . Faulkner, people and institutions change.

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