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English-Hindi > fault basin

fault basin meaning in Hindi

fault basin sentence in Hindi

• भ्रंश-दोषी
• भ्रंश-द्रोणी
fault    अपूर्णता अवगुण
basin    कूण्डी घाटी
1.The chezhen depression as a fault basin is located in the northeastern part of the bohaiwan basin in shandong

2.Santanghu basin is a congruent & reconstruct innertief , which developed on the basis of rift - fault basin of permian

3.Hegang coal field , of the type of a ( inland ) faulted basin far from the sea , was formed in the early neo - jurassic age about 140 million years ago

4.Lying in the east of heilongjiang province , yishu graben is a cenozoic fault basin comprising two large second - class structural units , i . e . , tangyuan and fangzheng fault basins

5.The sedimentary geochemistry analysis indicates that the middle and lower yangtze basin is the craton basin , and shangrao and mingxi basins are the continental margin fault basins in the early triassic

6.Niuxintuo area in liaohe depression is a fault basin , tectonic movement is complex and fault is developed at the basement and at the late stage , where the conditions for creating various hydrocarbon reservoirs are provided

7.In the present survey and valuation the area is divided into three parts : exposed karst region in upwarped distric , karst region controlled by folded structures near depressed belts and blinded karst region in fault basins

8.The fault at the east boundary of tangyuan fault basin is a basin - controlling fault , and the faults at both the east and the west boundaries of fangzheng fault basin are also a basin - controlling fault , with the west boundary fault at fangzheng being the major one

9.According to granite ages cutting ruptures , mineralized quartz veins ages corresponding to fold deformation and formation ages of bilateral faulted basin , deformation age are limited , that are 100 ~ 65ma for one and form 65ma to the present for two and three

10.Compared with lehua manganese deposit in pingxiang - leping faulted basin , which is a sedimentary hydrothermal superimposed type , both orebodies are different obviously in orebody scale , ore type and tenor of manganese etc . , it should be a deposit with different genetic type

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