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English-Hindi > fault block mountain

fault block mountain meaning in Hindi

fault block mountain sentence in Hindi

• भृंश ब्लॉक पर्वत
• भ्रंश ब्लॉक पर्वत
• भ्रंश-ब्लॉक पर्वत
fault    अपूर्णता अवगुण
fault block    भ्रंश-खंड
block    पीड़क निपिण्ड
block mountain    ब्लॉक पर्वत
mountain    पहाड़ पहाड़ अनेकता
1.Other types of range such as horst ranges, fault block mountain or truncated uplands rarely form parallel mountain chains.

2.The fault block mountain range that climbs from northwest to southeast, and which enables prolonged rain to fall as orographic rain when weather systems drive in from the west and northwest, gives rise to twice as much precipitation as in the lowlands which exceeds 1, 100 mm on the upper reaches of the mountains.

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