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English-Hindi > fault block

fault block meaning in Hindi

fault block sentence in Hindi

• भ्रंश-खंड
fault    अपूर्णता अवगुण
block    पीड़क निपिण्ड
1.Boundary Peak is the " prow " of the triangular fault block.

2.The largest of these fault blocks are called "'crustal blocks " '.

3.It is located between Kerio and Lomunyenkuparet rivers on an uplifted fault block.

4.The syn-rift unconformity describes the erosion surface that bevels fault blocks during continental rifting.

5.It is estimated as a fault block of old volcano.

6.They are made up of basin and range fault blocks from the Oquirrh Range.

7.Steens Mountain is a 30-mile-long fault block that was thrust upward 15 million years ago.

8.The EVENT data type facilitates coordination between processes, and ON FAULT blocks enable handling program faults.

9.It develops locally over individual fault blocks because of footwall uplift and lithospheric unloading by extension.

10.fault block range in the Basin and Range Province, at the western end of the Great Basin.

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