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English-Hindi > faulting

faulting meaning in Hindi

faulting sentence in Hindi
• अपूर्णता
• अवगुण
• अशुद्धि
• खोट
• गलती
• त्रुटि
• दोष
• बुराई
• भूल
• लांछन
• विभंग
• गुनाह
• बिजली का विच्छेद
• अपराध

• खंड-भ्रंशन
• पिस्टन-भ्रंशन
• भ्रंशन
• बिजली बन्द होना
• दोष निकालना
• शिकार खो बैठना
• टेनिस में गलत गेंद फेंकना
1.Police are blaming faulting construction for the mall's collapse.

2.Ondruska struggled with his serve, double faulting at crucial moments.

3.The set ended with Reid double-faulting on break point.

4.Some fracturing and faulting may also be responsible for the offset.

5.This faulting also breaks up seamounts as they approach the trench.

6.Along with metamorphism folding and faulting of the rocks took place.

7.Low angle normal faulting is not explained by Andersonian fault mechanics.

8.The length of faulting was estimated to be about 260?0 km.

9.The east-trending zones are characterized by predominantly normal faulting.

10.In the Variscan Orogeny folding and faulting affected all the rocks.

(geology) a crack in the earth''s crust resulting from the displacement of one side with respect to the other; "they built it right over a geological fault"; "he studied the faulting of the earth''s crust"
Synonyms: fault, geological fault, shift, fracture, break,

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