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English-Hindi > feathery

feathery meaning in Hindi

feathery sentence in Hindi
1.It's not just Camby, a noted feathery type.

2.The tree has a stiffer look to it and feathery leaves.

3.1 cup chopped fennel ( including some of the feathery tops)

4.Just before serving, garnish with the minced feathery fennel tops.

5.Their foliage can be feathery or bold, striped or fringed.

6.It has a pale green feathery top and large bulblike base.

7.She watched as Tower 1 exploded outward in a feathery plume.

8.The flower is a feathery, light pink inflorescence in June.

9.The " needles " may be quill-like or feathery.

10.The grey-green leaves are small, narrow and feathery.

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adorned with feathers or plumes
Synonyms: feathered, plumy,

characterized by a covering of feathers; "the feathery congregation of jays"

resembling or suggesting a feather or feathers; "feathery palm trees"
Synonyms: featherlike,

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