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English-Hindi > fickleness

fickleness meaning in Hindi

fickleness sentence in Hindi
1.She said his ideological fickleness has left NOW without a party.

2.The fickleness of youth, it seems, needs no translation.

3.While frustrated by their fickleness, she allows them to switch.

4.The change in view just points up the fickleness of the market.

5.The fickleness of the consumer also makes shifting gears quickly a necessity.

6.Blame it on timing, technicalities and the fickleness of public taste.

7.This stage makes the fickleness of early friendships look tame.

8.But Gill says that fickleness increasingly applies to country music, too.

9.The new political volatility suggests something akin to the fickleness of the marketplace.

10.The fickleness of partners also torpedoed Kavner, another new-media executive.

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unfaithfulness by virtue of being unreliable or treacherous
Synonyms: faithlessness, falseness, inconstancy,

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