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English-Hindi > fidgetiness

fidgetiness meaning in Hindi

fidgetiness sentence in Hindi
1.Its symptoms include short attention span, impulsive behavior, difficulty focusing and fidgetiness.

2."Fidgetiness might help, but it isn't the solution,"

3.But several patients reported weakness, fidgetiness or the emergence of new tics to replace the ones being suppressed.

4.Dennehy's fidgetiness was less bothersome one step removed, allowing the full force of Willy's tragedy to emerge.

5.Allays your dark suspicions that the president's abrupt decision to stop dealing with Yasser Arafat was dictated by his fidgetiness at having to sit through any more of Condi's wonkish briefings on Arafat.

6.The survey indicated that 71 percent of the respondents had heard of the disorder, rising to 78 percent when the symptoms of fidgetiness, inability to sit still and difficulty in paying to attention were described to the respondent.

7.Christopher's portrayal of Turing is finely nuanced and altogether real, from his stutter ( which disappears whenever he gets caught up in his mathematical ideas ) to his fidgetiness when in the presence of fools he does not suffer gladly.

8.In an accompanying editorial, Eric Ravussin of Eli Lilly and Co . and Elliot Danforth Jr . of the University of Vermont said that while " gluttony and sloth are frequently blamed " for obesity, " the fidgetiness of an individual likely plays a more important role in daily energy expenditure than previously thought ."

9.Symptoms of neuroasthenia, as described by nineteenth-century physicians, include " sick headache, noises in the ear, atonic voice, deficient mental control, bad dreams, insomnia, nervous dyspepsia ( disturbed digestion ), heaviness of the loin and limb, flushing and fidgetiness, palpitations, vague pains and flying neuralgia ( pain along a nerve ), spinal irritation, uterine irritability, impotence, hopelessness, claustrophobia, and dread of contamination . " Amanda America Dickson Toomer died on June 11, 1893, with " complications of diseases " being the cause of death listed on her death certificate.

10.These researchers list the following symptoms and behavior traits of a bipolar disorder : separation anxiety, rages and explosive temper tantrums lasting up to several hours, marked irritability, oppositional behavior, rapid cycling ( frequent mood shifts, occurring within an hour, a day, or several days ) or mood lability, distractibility, hyperactivity, impulsivity, restlessness / fidgetiness, silliness, giddiness, goofiness, racing thoughts, aggressive behavior, grandiosity, carbohydrate cravings, risk-taking behaviors, depressive mood, lethargy, low self-esteem, difficulty getting up in the morning, social anxiety and oversensitivity to emotional or environmental triggers.

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