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financer sentence in Hindi

"financer" meaning in Hindi
  • Its financer and owner, the Hungarian General Credit Bank tried to find a buyer.
  • He was not much of a thug but more a political manipulator and financer of Mafia operations.
  • Investors of the website were also investigated and Tehelk s financer Shanker Sharma was imprisoned without any charge.
  • It became her principal financer, supplying $ 900, 000 of the $ 3.1 million budget.
  • After lengthy negotiations, Miramax acquired the project, with Universal remaining as co-financer and overseas distributor.
  • Huffington went on to Harvard Business School and then joined First Chicago Bank, a major financer of oil deals.
  • Vasile was a capable administrator and a brilliant financer and was soon almost the richest man in the Christian East.
  • Paul, qui fait de la sp�culation financi�re, demande 10 000 francs de sa m�re pour financer ses b�timents.
  • It is amongst the top tractor financer in India and offers a wide range of financial products to address varied customer requirements.
  • PAEC was a financer of the CMS detector as well as providing its scientists and engineers to lead the construction of the detector.
  • It's going to be made through Warner Bros . and released by Warner Bros . but financed by an outside financer.
  • While working on his first album there, his financer, a Rastafarian selling Medical Marijuana, gave him a copy of Psalms.
  • Financer Minister Pedro Malan said Brazil had spent " hundreds of millions of dollars " on oil imports to cover the shortfall.
  • User keep trying to remove this section : transaction with a publicly traded shell company owned by David Weiner, a marijuana pennystock financer.
  • The conference was held by the Islamic Committee for Palestine, a group outlawed in Israel as a suspected financer of the militant Palestinian movement Hamas.
  • Walden Media was originally set as Universal's co-financer, but withdrew from the project prior to filming and were subsequently replaced by Legendary Pictures.
  • "' Sidney Kimmel Entertainment "'is an American financer, film and television production company founded in 2004 by philanthropist and film producer Sidney Kimmel.
  • Alexius Angelus made many promises to the Crusaders and their principal financer, the doge of Venice, for riches and honors if they would help him reclaim his kingdom.
  • Ball was a main ( but not the only ) financer of the defeat of Claude Pepper's effort to be reelected to the United States Senate in 1950.
  • Analyst Arthur Rockwell of Drake Capital Securities said he expects " Saving Private Ryan " to receive strong support overseas, where co-financer Paramount in handling the release.
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