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English-Hindi > firestone

firestone meaning in Hindi

firestone sentence in Hindi
1.One big boost came from the Japanese conglomerate Bridgestone / Firestone.

2.The Firestone Tournament of Champions gives Chris Schenkel something to do.

3."Our expectations are certainly different than Firestone's.

4.But with Firestone, we are one of their top teams.

5.That translates into free tires and technical help from Firestone engineers.

6.Neither Firestone nor IBM officials would comment about the expected appointment.

7.Bert and Diana Firestone were here when we made the decision.

8.Mattingly told ESPN's Roy Firestone last weekend in Baltimore.

9.Firestone Vineyard remains the largest grower-producer in the valley.

10.The 27-year-old Firestone isn't alone.

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a sandstone that withstands intense heat; used to line fireplaces and furnaces and kilns

a piece of flint that is struck to light a fire

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