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flip flop sentence in Hindi

"flip flop" meaning in Hindiflip flop in a sentence
  • Some of the recruits wore flip flops, making any foot drill difficult.
  • A different approach may be necessary for set / reset flip flops.
  • Or pair that sundress with flip flops for a comfortable but stylish look.
  • Why the flip flop in the face of an equally frivolous complaint now?
  • First, super models were shuffling down the fashion designer runways in flip flops.
  • There are several different types of flip flop hubs available for different applications.
  • They're painting him as somebody who flip flops, and they're succeeding,"
  • The businesses have names like " Flip Flop Symmetry Shop ."
  • It was all balloons, hurrahs and talk of flip flops ."
  • They said I would flip flop from end to linebacker in that new scheme,
  • We're talking about Florida here, where guys wear flip flops and Bermudas to weddings.
  • It sounds like politics over principle, especially given his flip flops on multiple issues.
  • This condition may or may not be correct depending on the actual flip flop.
  • (f ) The impulse timer is a D type positive edge triggered flip flop.
  • This seems to be the one issue area where the Clinton administration doesn't flip flop.
  • In 2006, hoodies and flip flops were officially banned.
  • Flip flop ! " and waving specialized versions of the beach shoes bearing Kerry's picture.
  • The Clinton-Gore administration has a track record of flip flops based on public opinion polls.
  • The two, who were wearing orange uniforms and flip flops, were taken away to prison.
  • She is fond of wearing flip flops and Birkenstocks.
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