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flipflop sentence in Hindi

"flipflop" meaning in Hindi
  • Clinton already has made one major flipflop on an environmental veto.
  • The most damning commentary on that flipflop?
  • Matt Schmidt, Editor at " My Life News ", described the innovative flipflop as " stylish and comfy ".
  • Cleveland coach Bill Belichick gave Thompson much of the credit for the Browns'flipflop from bottom of the league to top.
  • CLIMATE _ The flipflop from summer's heat and drought to October's floods may seem like typical Texas weather.
  • The most likely thing for now is to flipflop in the respective parks like we do in spring training and the World Series.
  • It would be instructive to make a mechanical analog of an amplifier, an invertor, basic logic gates, or a flipflop.
  • Like when Team A beats Team B but is still ranked slightly behind Team B, he'd like to flipflop the two.
  • He attacked several Democratic opponents for what he called a " stunning flipflop " on a measure they voted for a year ago.
  • Political campaigns serve up pithy catch phrases like " economic girlie man " and " flipflop " that stick in the public consciousness but don't deliver much information.
  • Majority Leader Bob Dole sharply attacked several Democrat opponents Wednesday for what he called a " stunning flipflop " on a measure similar to one they supported a year ago.
  • For subroutines, the type of addressing is dependent on the high three bits of T and on the Mark Stack FlipFlop ( MSFF ), as shown in B5x00 Relative Addressing.
  • This is a game that the Browns can flipflop quarterbacks in, but they'd better settle on one soon, because there aren't any more Houstons on the schedule.
  • Palpitations are the common name for sensations of an irregular heartbeat : The heart may steem to stop and then start again, to pound or " flipflop, " or to flutter rapidly.
  • :: You know, this " warp map " concept is pretty cool, you can create use the concept to " beam " portions of images to other places ( I . E . copy or position flipflop ).
  • "I wanted to help them understand American culture a little bit and flipflop views, so they can understand us a little better and we can understand them more, " said Smith, 36, a Kentucky native.
  • It's a near-complete flipflop from the first suggestion, but since I don't officially have an opinion I get to do stuff like that : ) Flakeloaf 07 : 51, 28 January 2007 ( UTC)
  • The reversal of the ban represents an embarrassing flipflop for the government of Prime Minister Jean Chretien, which last year pushed a bill through the national Parliament decreeing MMT a pollutant and health hazard, and prohibiting the importation and sale of the octane-boosting substance.
  • IMHO RFA is just simply slightly backlogged :-P-- talk ) 07 : 30, 31 January 2008 ( UTC ) " that's one approach, I reserve the right to flipflop to the other approach as required . :-)"
  • The game is called " Bashy Bug " ( stylized as " BASHyBUG ", " y " letter is a pink flipflop shoe ) and it revolves around a flipflop shoe stomping on a bug in a skill game-like timed area with multiple levels ( 1 through 5 ).
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