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English-Hindi > flouter

flouter meaning in Hindi

flouter sentence in Hindi
1.Garment is part authority figure, part authority flouter.

2.Though her comportment in the presence of attractive strangers would suggest otherwise, Liriano is not the city's most egregious flouter of " The Rules ."

3.The American government was being run by Richard Nixon, Spiro Agnew, John Ehrlichman, Robert Haldeman, G . Gordon Liddy, John Mitchell, J . Edgar Hoover and other cynical flouters of the democratic process.

4.Like other flouters of the one-child policy instituted in 1979, she learned that because of routine police checks, " if you move here to an abandoned cave, the government finds out within a month ."

5.Surely the solution to the " inconsistency " problem starts with dealing with the most prominent flouters of our general conduct guidelines, and MMN is very near the top of that list in nearly everyone's book whether they agree with him or not . talk 18 : 03, 17 June 2011 ( UTC)

6.Piper McLean describes Jason as very rule-and duty-oriented, though the Roman god Terminus describes him as a " rule-flouter . " However, when his former compatriot Reyna sees him again in " The Mark of Athena ", she comments that he seems to have lost some of his Roman qualities.

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