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English-Hindi > flowcharting

flowcharting meaning in Hindi

flowcharting sentence in Hindi
1.ADR's widely used major packages included : Autoflow for automatic flowcharting, fourth-generation programming language.

2.Standard templates include flowcharting, total quality management ( TQM ) diagrams, workflow diagrams, organisational charts, project timelines and marketing visuals.

3.Each must understand'something of the other's specialty . . . " �n order to facilitate the cooperation flowcharting was adopted.

4.Modules included brainstorming, affinity diagrams, cause and effect diagrams, flowcharting, a consensus building tool, and a toolkit for data analysis.

5.A1 and A2 have loose analogs in the properties of series and parallel electrical circuits, and in other ways of diagramming processes, including flowcharting.

6.In actuality neither flowcharting legal procedure or reducing the law to a polychotomous key are tasks to be taken lightly or left to a single individual.

7.Vector editors tend to be better suited for graphic design, page layout, typography, logos, sharp-edged artistic illustrations, " e . g . ", cartoons, clip art, complex geometric patterns, technical illustrations, diagramming and flowcharting.

8.While Helix's visual programming is possibly easier for novices to learn ( because it uses a flowcharting paradigm that is intuitively understood by non-technical individuals ), it becomes tedious when the amount of code to be written becomes significant, especially for an individual who can write code much more easily and conveniently than if forced to drag icons from a palette.

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