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English-Hindi > flower child

flower child meaning in Hindi

flower child sentence in Hindi
flower    कली कुसुम पुष्प
child    नासमझ बच्चा बच्ची
1.Has management guru Tom Peters turned into a 1960s-style flower child?

2.Dawn is a modern-day flower child who worries about the environment.

3.APRIL-CORNELL _ ATLANTA _ April Cornell is a true flower child.

4.That was the reference, from my grunge collection, very flower child.

5.Like his wife, he was a flower child during the 1960s.

6.He had this very gentle flower child demeanor and philosophy.

7.I'm no flower child now, but I'm pretty happy ."

8.Flower seniors stood in line with flower child re-enactors at the marijuana cookie booth.

9.She was like a flower child before their time.

10.While hiding on board a disused hippie bus, Flower Child is killed by something mysterious.

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someone who rejects the established culture; advocates extreme liberalism in politics and lifestyle
Synonyms: hippie, hippy, hipster,

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