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English-Hindi > flower children

flower children meaning in Hindi

flower children sentence in Hindi
शांति के पूजारी
flower    कली कुसुम पुष्प
children    औलाद बच्चे
1.Majors shares many of the traits Sherkat found common among flower children:

2.The flower children of the'60s had become the sophisticated gardeners of the'80s.

3.The clientele included longshoreman and flower children, not necessarily a good mix.

4.It was a time of riots, assassinations, flower children and the Vietnam War.

5.On the ground floor were the hippies and the flower children.

6.Kiner was at the forefront of the wave of flower children.

7.He was celebrated by Beat Generation poets and late-1960s flower children.

8.UNDATED-Is the Age of Aquarius is coming back to haunt its flower children?

9.The band released the single " Flower Children " in 1968.

10.In their literary incarnations anarchists range from murderers to flower children.

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