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English-Hindi > foldaway

foldaway meaning in Hindi

foldaway sentence in Hindi
1.The experiment demonstrated a " Foldaway Flat Tether Deployment System ".

2.Some communities have installed foldaway trash boxes for garbage collection.

3.Hunters looked for polar fleece beds and foldaway chairs.

4.Tinker Foldaway : http : / / www . Tinker . co . uk

5.The storage area also contains a foldaway seat cover and a courtesy light.

6.In case Bush and his traveling companions have work to do, the DeVille offers a foldaway desktop.

7.The station came equipped with a shower, a standing sleeping station, as well as a foldaway bed.

8.But thanks to American ingenuity, the foldaway cotton mattress is experiencing a revival in the country of its origin.

9.The device, weighing 1 ounce, fits over the ear and comes with a flip-out, foldaway microphone.

10.A British manufacturer, Henshaw Inflatables Ltd ., also makes a folding inflatable hard-bottomed boat, the Tinker Foldaway.

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capable of being folded up and stored; "a foldaway bed"
Synonyms: foldable, folding,

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