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folderol sentence in Hindi

"folderol" meaning in Hindifolderol in a sentence
  • But is all this fervency just a bunch of philosophical folderol?
  • There is no magical mystical folderol, the movie implies.
  • In fact, Birnbaum has engaged in some of the same folderol.
  • Short of all that folderol, this is what you can do.
  • "He's not big on folderol.
  • In fact, they treat budget discussions like folderol.
  • Now the issues that go public on the Big Board generate the most folderol.
  • A few desert flowers bloom amid the folderol.
  • Stripped of arcane folderol, that's what the Electoral College amounts to.
  • Amid these tough issues, the silent-moment folderol is a beloved distraction.
  • But mostly it's slapstick, an eight-minute serving of welcome folderol.
  • Watching this folderol from a great emotional distance is Tony Kubek, the former Yankee announcer.
  • The sooner we stop pretending, the sooner businesses will stop fooling us with natural folderol.
  • What we need to see from the Europeans is some tangible actions and not just diplomatic folderol.
  • ESPN Classic's digital folderol is an experiment, and may or may not be repeated.
  • They can be washed, cooked and eaten without all the folderol that goes with large artichokes.
  • All this textual matter passing between Clinton, Barak and Yasser Arafat has been just so much folderol.
  • For those who passionately love their work, it's a lot of guilt-inducing folderol.
  • Under all the folderol were a couple of cool draped dresses proving that Galliano is actually a couturier.
  • For a little while expressions of common humanity are sweeping away the folderol on which the commercial medium thrives.
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