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folding door sentence in Hindi

"folding door" meaning in Hindifolding door in a sentence
  • Each of the rooms could be divided in two by folding doors.
  • Consider replacing the bathroom door with a shower curtain or folding door.
  • The folding door was located in the center of the bus body.
  • The Metropole's folding doors are open to catch any stray breeze.
  • The ground floor-110 feet by 58 feet divided by folding doors-contained the school.
  • Historically folding doors were already known by the excavations in Pompeii have revealed.
  • The dining and drawing rooms were separated by folding doors.
  • The folding door on the passenger side opens to provide an extremely wide entry.
  • Then Burton raised his voice and kicked the folding door to the cockpit, hard.
  • Early on, Travers installed folding doors to separate the living room and the kitchen.
  • Out of the Portico are three pairs of folding doors.
  • The teaching area is large and airy and can be divided by folding doors.
  • There's a folding door at one end of it.
  • The station was also fitted with new folding doors.
  • The handyman made the frame opening to accommodate three of the four 18-inch-wide folding doors.
  • In the plane's two-inch lavatory with folding door.
  • Most folding doors are glazed and the panels have frames of either wood, aluminium or upvc.
  • This room retains the original timber folding doors.
  • The removal of folding doors between the living and dining areas probably occurred during this period.
  • There was a " very roomy " downstairs lounge, separated from a coffee room by folding doors.
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