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folding machine sentence in Hindi

"folding machine" meaning in Hindifolding machine in a sentence
  • The former building was sold to AutoMecha-a company that manufactured paper folding machines.
  • An automated toilet paper folding machine called " Meruboa " was invented in Japan.
  • With newspapers, they are taken to a folding machine.
  • Hawes revolutionized the envelope industry in 1853 when he patented an upright folding machine with a foot pedal.
  • A feed and grain merchant, Elie Labombarde, founded it in 1903, after inventing the first automatic box-folding machine.
  • Inside, company President Greg Louie, whose father invented the first automatic cookie-folding machine 27 years ago, can only shake his head.
  • Flanders's first major experience in machine design came when he helped an entrepreneur in Nashua, New Hampshire develop a box-folding machine.
  • Each paper was folded by hand and it was not until the early 50's that the first folding machine was introduced.
  • On August 25, 1885, Dexter filed a patent for an automatic folding machine that changed the way newspapers, books, and magazines were folded and assembled.
  • Some mass mail marketers have added to the confusion by applying talcum powder to their paper-folding machines to keep pages from clinging together, he said.
  • Lotus, when operating, uses a " semiautomatic " process requiring a worker to snatch pancakes from the oven and manually insert them into the folding machine.
  • He said Charles Lamson was building a folding machine for him " of which I shall ask your acceptance as well as two former types which he expected to have rebuilt ."
  • In any case, the industrial revolution reached the fortune cookie business in 1972, when Edward Louie, then proprietor of San Francisco's Lotus Fortune Cookie Co ., invented the first automatic folding machine.
  • Painter patented 85 inventions, including the common bottle cap, the bottle opener, a machine for crowning bottles, a paper-folding machine, a safety ejection seat for passenger trains, and a machine for detecting counterfeit currency.
  • In the 1880s and 1890s, book folding machines by Brown and Dexter came onto the market, and by the 1910s hand-folding was rare, with one publisher declaring them to be " practically obsolete " in 1914.
  • The paper went from strength to strength and outgrew its primitive origins in a hand-fed printer and in 1876 a Victory printing and folding machine was acquired with a capacity of printing 16, 000 copies an hour.
  • The reason these maps are difficult to restore to their original state is that the folds are designed for a paper-folding machine, in which the optimum folds are not of the sort an average person would try to use.
  • Marinoni built on Worms'work, however and, in 1866, filed for patents on a duplex press ( one that prints on both sides ) with a six-cylinder feeder known as the " presse rotative ?plieuse " ( rotary press folding machine ).
  • Some might even call Singh a schlock film maker, since he has produced his share of kick-boxing pictures, quickies like " Bedroom Eyes II, " whose sizzling posters depict large-breasted women in mortal danger, and horror films like " The Mangler, " based on a Stephen King story about a laundry-folding machine with a blood lust.

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