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English-Hindi > footlights

footlights meaning in Hindi

footlights sentence in Hindi
• फूटलाइट्
• फूटलाइट
1.On both sides of the footlights, the air was electric.

2.Her magic seemed to evaporate without footlights and a live orchestra.

3.The following year, Slattery was made President of the Footlights.

4.On the stage of pro sport the footlights never dim.

5.I was convinced the power of their characters would cross the footlights.

6.Arias, delivered face front at the footlights, were like lectures.

7.Old-fashioned footlights give the faces a sinister glow.

8.His hero was fellow Footlights writer and Cambridge magazine writer David Nobbs.

9.They were both members of the Cambridge University Footlights society.

10.The Walnut was the first theatre to install gas footlights in 1837.

theater light at the front of a stage that illuminate the set and actors

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