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footling sentence in Hindi

"footling" meaning in Hindi
  • My eager craft through footless halls of air . ..
  • Human pubic hair is good for treating dystocia with transverse or footling presentation.
  • Blakely knew that she wasn't the only person to think of footless hose.
  • Show your toes, while compressing your saddlebags with Spanx, the new footless pantyhose.
  • The sweat shirt fad passed, but the footless tights remain a hit with oversized shirts.
  • She got her mother, Ellen, a Florida artist, to draw comfortable, footless hose.
  • Before about 1850 many rural women walked barefoot to and from market, or wore footless stockings.
  • If the art of public relations were a handgun, Kenneth Starr would have been footless long ago.
  • The name derives from the Ancient Greek words for footless ( ???? ) and animal ( ???? ).
  • "There's the footless hosiery to wear under pants, for women to wear for support.
  • The other link, which is pretty footling, I have left so you can all assess it yourself.
  • Telephone calls for funds were made from federal property : a footling technicality, if calls for funds are kosher.
  • A : You might want to try Spanx, the new footless pantyhose that has given the hosiery industry a kick.
  • The Magdalenian " Venus " from Laugerie-Basse is headless, footless, armless but with a strongly incised vaginal opening.
  • As their name ( " footless " in Greek ) suggests, their legs are small and have limited function aside from perching.
  • "I looked all over the place for footless panty hose, and they didn't exist, " she says.
  • Some of their more notable pieces show a footless John Ashcroft wearing a diaper, and a more . . . " ')
  • "Well, I've been footling around here for a few months now, and a couple of things have struck me.
  • Or, if you'd rather spend money than time, plop down $ 20 for a pair of Spanx, the footless pantyhose.
  • She told him the idea was " fantastic _ she would love to have a pair of footless panty hose, " says Kaplan.
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