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English-Hindi > forbore

forbore meaning in Hindi

forbore sentence in Hindi
1.For this reason, therefore, I forbore to send the letter.

2.He scrupulously forbore all invectives, detractions, and whatever might affect the reputation of any adversary.

3.Archibald forbore to remain at Buittle and took up the residence of the older Kings of Galloway at Kirkcudbright.

4.All this time he was a regular attendant at parish churches, his habit being to stand throughout the service; he forbore communicating simply on the ground of the kneeling posture.

5.But the commentators forbore to mention that the king's popularity in Jordan was at its peak in 1991 when he maintained a friendly neutrality towards Saddam Hussein and Iraq during the Gulf war.

6.In accordance with the Marxist doctrine that history is made by collective action, not individuals, Eisenstein forbore to single out any person in his film, but rather focused on the " mass protagonist ".

7.In truth, placing a { tfd } tag on { tfd } will not cause the Florida Gulf Coast to erupt in gouts of molten metal; I only forbore to do so because " that " seemed " absurd ".

8.Although they represented a potential violation of federal law against privately issued currencies, these certificates, as a contemporary observer noted,  performed so valuable a service & in moving the crops and keeping business machinery in motion, that the government & wisely forbore to prosecute . 

9.The English or Protestant inhabitants of Cork, " out of a sense of the good service and tender care of the Lord Inchiquin over them, " asked Cromwell to see his estate secured to him and his heirs; but to this the victor " forbore to make any answer ".

10.Since she is no longer young ( " She forbore to tint her hair and did nothing about her face, which was jowly and rather Tudor; she sometimes caught Henry Five looking at her out of the mirror " ), we suspect that a young man will happen along.

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