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English-Hindi > forcefulness

forcefulness meaning in Hindi

forcefulness sentence in Hindi
1.David managed to combine an idealist style with drama and forcefulness.

2.Their speed and forcefulness helped force an Iraqi retreat and surrender.

3.No one has doubted the forcefulness and competence of Giuliani.

4.It was his energy, his ambition, his forcefulness.

5.Fox's forcefulness and populist informality both helped and hurt him.

6.But at least one prominent Southern Democrat spoke out with unusual forcefulness.

7.He spoke slowly and with little of his usual forcefulness.

8.She speaks five languages and has a reputation for forcefulness and affability.

9.There is a natural change in forcefulness when herding sheep.

10.In the Prokofiev, he found a perfect balance of forcefulness and meditation.

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