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English-Hindi > forces

forces meaning in Hindi

forces sentence in Hindi
1.He is also the Supreme Commander of the Indian Armed Forces.
वह भारतीय सेनाओं का मुख्य सेनापति भी है।

2.He is also the supreme commander of Indian Forces.
वह भारतीय सेनाओं का मुख्य सेनापति भी है।

3.Is the same forces, the same process in a small-scale version
यह वही शक्ति है

4.If you were injured or disabled as a result of service in HM Armed Forces or because of a war, you may be able to get help from the War Pension scheme: contact the War Pensions Agency.
कृपया War Pensions Agency से संपर्क करे ।ः

5.Forces the window manager to use maximize mode wherever possible.
जहां भी संभव हो, विंडो प्रबंधक को विस्तृत मोड का उपयोग करने के लिए बाध्य करता है.

6.Army and Security Forces
सेना तथा सुरक्षा अंग

7.What to do in Iraq? The question is made urgent by the steady attrition of coalition forces, punctuated by seven large car-bomb explosions. The latest of them, on Sunday, killed six and wounded dozens at the Baghdad Hotel.
चलो इराकियों को इराक चलाने दें

8.Nepalese Armed Forces
नेपाली सेना

9.The Care Leavers strategy has been introduced; the Rough Sleepers Unit is piloting new approaches to end the fast track to homelessness from prison and the Armed Forces;
कैअर लीवर्ज़ (देखभाल से खुद को हटा देने वालों) की रणनीति लागू कर दी गई है , |

10.Forces the underlying texture to be singular and not made of smaller space saving individual textures
अन्तर्निहित बनावट को एकल होने के लिए विवश करें और अलग-अलग बनावट को सहेजने के लिए छोटी जगह नहीं बनायें

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