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forebode sentence in Hindi

"forebode" meaning in Hindi
  • He has a certain dark, foreboding look to his face.
  • It was a historic moment fraught with both hope and foreboding.
  • Instead, the Social Democrats are surrounded by darkly foreboding clouds.
  • Somehow, in this context, that cozy image is foreboding.
  • Despite the foreboding weather, there were some very enthusiastic visitors.
  • Every day the dispatches roll in from forbidden and foreboding territory.
  • Leading up to the Games, a foreboding pervaded Salt Lake.
  • Was the Red Sox dismissal of Anaheim foreboding for the Yankees?
  • The islands dominated everything, ominous and foreboding as sleeping titans.
  • Other instruments accompany with undertones that forebode increasing action and excitement.
  • And throughout the valley every heart beat with foreboding and fear.
  • What he dreaded with undispellable foreboding was physical and mental disability.
  • Leonore tries to soothe her own anxiety and sense of foreboding.
  • There is a slight air of foreboding in McCullough's words.
  • Webb's Shropshire is starkly beautiful and dramatically foreboding.
  • Who can forget that sweeping, foreboding waltz where Che stalks Evita?
  • The agreement calls for foreboding new warnings on cigarette packs.
  • I had a foreboding before taking him in my arms.
  • This September they returned with a sense of foreboding bordering on dread.
  • They do this to make the case look more serious or foreboding.
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