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English-Hindi > forepart

forepart meaning in Hindi

forepart sentence in Hindi
1.Its pelage is reddish-brown with dark grey foreparts and neck.

2.The forepart arrived three days later, 21 September 1956.

3.Behind this is a glandular forepart, which helps to secrete the tube.

4.Demeter and forepart of bull in incuse square.

5.Flexibility in the forepart is especially important.

6.The black-tailed marmoset is dark brown with paler foreparts and a black tail.

7.The Maremmana is grey; males are darker than females, especially on the foreparts.

8.The foreparts are sooty and the forehead is red; juveniles have buff-brown heads.

9.All the passengers and crew were ordered to enter the forepart of the boat and ordered below deck.

10.On the same side a forepart was added in the 13th-14th centuries with an ogival entrance.

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the side that is forward or prominent
Synonyms: front, front end,

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