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English-Hindi > forgetfully

forgetfully meaning in Hindi

forgetfully sentence in Hindi
1.I'm sorry, i forgetfully assumed they were an adult.

2.That you forgetfully wear white after Labor Day?

3.Nor does freezing, as a physician discovered in Thailand when he forgetfully put an ice cube into his scotch.

4.Sei, who forgetfully left his scarf in the coffee shop, is lent Nao's pink scarf for the walk.

5.He sometimes still uses " we " or " us " when referring to the Niners, maybe forgetfully, maybe wishfully.

6.When a young woman, Line ( Andrine Saether ), forgetfully leaves her apartment keys dangling in her mailbox lock, Roy can't help himself.

7.Now, the mystery is what the aftershock will be, and whether Switzer's mistake Monday _ forgetfully carrying a loaded weapon into DFW Airport _ reversed the efforts toward a changed image.

8.But the family member instructed to deliver the funerary urn forgetfully stored it in a trailer he used in his racehorse transporting business, and for many months the trailer traveled far and wide in foreign realms before the urn was retrieved.

9.His sorrow eventually becomes so unsupportable that he is forced to leave Wahlheim for Weimar, where he makes the acquaintance of " Fr�ulein " von B . He suffers great embarrassment when he forgetfully visits a friend and unexpectedly has to face there the weekly gathering of the entire aristocratic set.

10.In Scots the verb to " mind " also means " remember " or " don't forget ", leaving the sign to be waggishly misinterpreted as meaning " when alighting from the train, don't forgetfully leave your head in the luggage rack " .-- Talk 21 : 31, July 11, 2005 ( UTC)

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in a forgetful manner; "she is getting old and acts forgetfully"

in a forgetful manner; "she is getting old and acts forgetfully"

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