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English-Hindi > fovea

fovea meaning in Hindi

noun plural: foveae   
fovea sentence in Hindi
1.This narrow frequency range is referred to as the acoustic fovea.

2.This cochlear morphology is the anatomical correlate of the acoustic fovea.

3.The only exception to this is the Irish band Fovea Hex.

4.The fovea is located near the center of the macula.

5.Some birds even have more than one fovea per eye.

6.Cones are mostly concentrated in and near the fovea.

7.The orbital surface presents medially by trochlear fovea and laterally by lacrimal fossa.

8.This anatomy is responsible for the depression in the center of the fovea.

9.The maximum density of blue cones occurs in a ring about the fovea.

10.My quick search indicated that birds of prey tend to have multiple fovea.

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area consisting of a small depression in the retina containing cones and where vision is most acute
Synonyms: fovea centralis,

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