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English-Hindi > fractal

fractal meaning in Hindi

pronunciation: [ 'fræktəl ]  sound:  
fractal sentence in Hindi
1.This type of correlation is related to mathematical entities called fractals.

2.Ninety-five percent chose the fractal versions, Taylor said.

3.Fifth, the use of fractals or non-linear scaling.

4.Many surfaces of this type occur in the study of fractals.

5.Non-fractal imagery may also be integrated into the artwork.

6.However, unlike fractals, it does have defined surface normals.

7.This is the source of its self-similar fractal nature.

8.An interactive help and an animated introduction to fractals are included.

9.:: Well maybe I don't understand fractals then.

10.The technique arose out of and is used in fractal analysis.

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(mathematics) a geometric pattern that is repeated at every scale and so cannot be represented by classical geometry

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