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English-Hindi > francophone

francophone meaning in Hindi

francophone sentence in Hindi
1.More than 60 percent of the Francophone population voted to secede.

2.French companies win contracts in francophone Africa, and so on.

3.He is the No . 2 in the francophone Socialist Party.

4.A report from a group of francophone countries made similar recommendations.

5.The francophone liberals were to get 22 seats, up four.

6.7-11 _ Niamey, Niger _ 5th Francophone Games.

7.Contemporary usage has broadened the meaning of Francophone and Hispanic communities.

8.Francophone private schools were the first educational institutions serving the community.

9.In Francophone Europe, cr�pes are often sold in special stands.

10.Festival International underscores Acadiana's connection to the Francophone world.

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