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English-Hindi > frilled

frilled meaning in Hindi

frilled sentence in Hindi
1.The frilled shirts of Georgian times were replaced by plain cloth.

2.The breed is known for its small size and profuse frilled feathers.

3.The flat, frilled center cup opens yellow and then fades to white.

4.Zack greets us in a frilled purple garment somewhere between house dress and toga.

5.The frilled skull reached up to in length.

6.Frilled-necked lizards breed in the early wet season from September to October.

7.Opal owns a pet frilled lizard called Ned.

8.He also classified " Pachyrhinosaurus " among the short-frilled ceratopsids.

9.A : The creature is an Australian frilled lizard; the other animals are meerkats.

10.Borba's paper-frilled darts, or banderillas, are Velcro-tipped.

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having decorative ruffles or frills
Synonyms: frilly, ruffled,

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