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English-Hindi > friskiness

friskiness meaning in Hindi

friskiness sentence in Hindi
1.The wine's youth explains part of its friskiness.

2.Ms . van Kipnis showed off her usual clarity and an engaging friskiness.

3.The production's friskiness never lets up.

4.A century ago, this friskiness invited death from a whaleman's harpoon.

5.You're certainly not paying for friskiness, because this is no speed demon.

6.Still, Walsh's company handles the melancholy and the friskiness with equal dexterity.

7.Indicative of the new friskiness is a 1936 Lincoln Zephyr, called the High Life Mobile.

8.In sneakers and jeans, Schneider projects eternal friskiness, though at 47, he is the elder.

9.Duets for pat waing and the oboelike hne have the flexibility and friskiness of Ornette Coleman's jazz.

10.Although Berlin could turn a phrase, he lacked Gershwin's refined sense of satire and verbal friskiness.

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