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English-Hindi > frivolousness

frivolousness meaning in Hindi

frivolousness sentence in Hindi
1.All modern philosophy, both ethically, and Christianly, is based upon frivolousness.

2.When Palani was present in a gathering there was no levity or frivolousness exhibited.

3.What you or your lawyer should do is use a motion to dismiss for frivolousness.

4.It had the drawback of frivolousness.

5.Despite a sometime reputation for frivolousness, Rothermere was never frivolous in his analysis of what readers wanted.

6.From time to time, I worried that I had lured my mother down the path of frivolousness.

7.In the purity of its self-indulgence and the frivolousness of its purpose, the Missyplicity project is unique.

8.Further, Ma Xichong himself alienated the people by being unfair in his governance and by his frivolousness and drunkenness.

9.Denmark, like much of Scandinavia, prizes sameness, not uniqueness, just as it values usefulness, not frivolousness.

10.There is, she concedes, a lag time in perception because many people continue to equate seriousness with suits and frivolousness with frippery.

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